Marin Ivezic

For over three decades, I have committed my professional life to protecting individuals, critical infrastructure, businesses, and the environment from the physical harm caused by cyber-kinetic threats. My work involves a comprehensive integration of cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, operational resilience, and functional safety strategies to address these risks effectively.

As a failed physicist – my first academic pursuits were in theoretical physics and applied geophysics, and as the son of a well-known theoretical physicist, quantum computing has always interested me. It brought together my initial scientific interests and my chosen career in computer science, cryptography and cybersecurity. Admittedly, I never fully understood quantum mechanics, but its intersection with computing and potential practical applications are intriguing. Over the years, my fascination has only grown given its potential to shake up the world of cybersecurity.

Some time back, driven by a desire to get to grips with quantum computing, I took some time off from my usual security work to join a photonic quantum computing startup. That brief stint was not just an eye-opener—it helped my understanding of quantum technologies and the unique security challenges they bring. It also shaped my approach to risks of emerging technologies since, as I work to secure systems that can stand up not just to today’s threats, but also to the quantum threats of tomorrow.

You can reach me at [email protected] or connect with me here