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Breakthrough in Quantum Error Correction by Nord Quantique

In a major advancement for quantum computing, researchers from Nord Quantique have developed an innovative error correction system that drastically reduces the number of qubits needed for functional quantum computers. Traditionally, it was believed that millions of qubits would be required to achieve fault-tolerant quantum computing. However, this new approach could make it possible with just hundreds of qubits.

According to Nord Quantique: “By applying GKP bosonic codes for error correction at the individual qubit level, Nord Quantique has demonstrated the ability to correct both bit-flips and phase-flips, the most common types of errors in quantum computing. This makes error correction much easier to manage, and may require between 1,000 and 10,000 times fewer physical qubits than other computing models to effectively manage errors in the superconducting system and deliver useful results.

Nord Quantique has demonstrated the effectiveness of this new error correction method. They have successfully extended the coherence time of a single qubit by 14% using this approach. This development marks a substantial step forward in making quantum computing more accessible and viable.

For more information see Nord Quantique’s press release here: Nord Quantique demonstrates quantum error correction, first company to make a logical qubit out of a physical qubit, and the research paper Autonomous quantum error correction of Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill states at arXiv preprint.

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