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EU Publishes a Recommendation on Post-Quantum Cryptography

In another sign of Q-Day concerns and preparations heating up recently, the European Commission has published a key recommendation urging EU member states to adopt a harmonized approach to post-quantum cryptography. This guidance, “Recommendation on a Coordinated Implementation Roadmap for the transition to Post-Quantum Cryptography,” is part of the EU’s proactive strategy to address the vulnerabilities of current cryptographic measures in the quantum era.

The recommendation outlines a plan for transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptographic technologies. Central to this initiative are the efforts by the EU’s cybersecurity experts, along with collaborations with entities such as the NIS Cooperation Group and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) on the evaluation and selection of the appropriate Post-Quantum Cryptography algorithms and their adoption as EU standards for a harmonized implementation across the Union.

Furthermore, the Commission outlines the urgency of integrating these new cryptographic standards into existing systems and protocols. This transition is not only about adopting new algorithms but also ensuring that all current digital platforms, from public administration to private sector operations, are fortified against potential quantum-computational threats.

As part of the ongoing developments, the Commission expects the first wave of these new standards to be ratified by 2024, marking a significant milestone in Europe’s digital security landscape.

For more details, you can view the commission’s press release or see the full recommendation on the European Commission’s official website.

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