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ENISA Publishes “Post-Quantum Cryptography – Integration study”

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has released a report titled “Post-Quantum Cryptography – Integration Study,” offering a comprehensive look at the challenges and necessities of integrating post-quantum cryptographic systems. This publication follows ENISA’s 2021 study on the current state of post-quantum cryptography and aims to provide a clearer understanding of the post-standardization landscape.

The report highlights the critical need to design new cryptographic protocols and effectively integrate post-quantum systems into existing frameworks. As the quantum computing era approaches, ensuring the confidentiality and security of data against quantum-capable attackers is becoming increasingly urgent. ENISA’s latest study explores strategic approaches to these challenges, emphasizing the importance of hybrid implementations that combine pre-quantum and post-quantum schemes.

For those interested in further details or in accessing the full report, please visit ENISA’s publication page: Post-Quantum Cryptography РIntegration Study.

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