Predicting 2032: New Type of Qubit

Researchers demonstrated a controllable interaction between a new type of qubits – hole-spin qubits – inside a standard silicon transistor. If this research is confirmed and the researchers indeed become able to control this type of qubit electrically and as reliably as they claim within standard, mass-manufactured transistors,the path to practical and large-scale quantum computers is going to become much clearer.

This development appears to be exactly the type of a breakthrough discovery that can impact all our predictions. Scientific developments usually follow a discernible trajectory, allowing for predictions to be made based on extrapolation and expert opinions. It is rare that the experts would not be able to see a path to a new improvement within their field. However, the quantum computing research right now is extremely dynamic – from new types of qubits as in this example, to algorithm optimization, quantum annealing, etc. there are many fields where a sudden, transformative breakthrough could disrupt all our predictions, potentially bringing Q-Day much closer than anticipated.

Because of the potential implications of this research, I am bringing the Q-Day prediction much closer.

New Advances in Hole-Spin Qubits