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New Coalition Launched to Tackle Post-Quantum Cryptography

The MITRE Corporation has announced the formation of the Post-Quantum Cryptography Coalition, a collaborative effort to address the imminent threats posed by quantum computing to current cryptographic systems. The coalition aims to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions, ensuring the security and privacy of data against future quantum attacks.

Quantum computers, once fully developed, will have the capability to break existing encryption methods, potentially compromising sensitive information across various sectors. The coalition brings together experts from industry, academia, and government to create robust strategies and technologies that can withstand the power of quantum computing.

The coalition will focus on key areas such as developing new cryptographic standards, enhancing public awareness, and promoting best practices for quantum-resistant security. This initiative underscores the growing recognition of the potential risks posed by quantum computing and the need for proactive measures to secure digital systems for the future.

For more information, visit the MITRE Corporation’s news release.

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