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  • May- 2024 -
    24 May
    Industry NewsNIST PQC

    NIST to Release PQC Algorithms in the Summer

    The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will release post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) algorithms in the upcoming weeks, according to White House cyber advisor Anne Neuberger. This development marks a significant step towards protecting data against future quantum computing threats. Although initially planned to release four algorithms, NIST will finalize and publish three this summer. This move addresses the…

  • 7 May
    Industry NewsHole-Spin Qubits

    New Advances in Hole-Spin Qubits

    Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in quantum computing by demonstrating a controllable interaction between a new type of qubits inside a standard silicon transistor. And this is potentially huge. Researchers worldwide are engaged in a competitive race to develop practical quantum computers, exploring a diverse array of qubit technologies. To date, no single qubit technology has emerged as the…

  • Apr- 2024 -
    20 April
    Industry NewsImperial Quantum Internet

    Major Leap for Quantum Internet with First-Ever Critical Connection Achieved

    In a pioneering achievement, researchers from Imperial College London, in collaboration with the Universities of Southampton, Stuttgart, and Wurzburg, have established a crucial connection necessary for the quantum internet, allowing for the first time the production, storage, and retrieval of quantum information. This advancement marks a significant milestone in quantum networking, essential for secure communications and distributed computing. Scientists have…

  • 12 April
    Industry NewsDefense Quantum Bill

    New Legislation Aims to Boost U.S. Defense Department’s Quantum Capabilities

    A recent bill introduced by United States’ Republican lawmakers aims to accelerate the Defense Department’s development and integration of quantum technologies, enhancing capabilities in areas like navigation, sensing, and artificial intelligence. The Defense Quantum Acceleration Act, championed by Rep. Elise Stefanik and Sen. Marsha Blackburn, proposes the creation of a quantum advisor role and a center of excellence within the…

  • 12 April
    Industry NewsEU Post-Quantum Cryptography

    EU Publishes a Recommendation on Post-Quantum Cryptography

    In another sign of Q-Day concerns and preparations heating up recently, the European Commission has published a key recommendation urging EU member states to adopt a harmonized approach to post-quantum cryptography. This guidance, “Recommendation on a Coordinated Implementation Roadmap for the transition to Post-Quantum Cryptography,” is part of the EU’s proactive strategy to address the vulnerabilities of current cryptographic measures…

  • 4 April
    Industry NewsQuantinuum - Trap inside a chamber

    Microsoft Announces Record Breaking Logical Qubit

    In a recent announcement, Microsoft and Quantinuum highlighted a significant achievement in quantum computing, demonstrating the most reliable logical qubits on record. They achieved an error rate 800 times better than previous physical qubits. Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization system, which filters and corrects errors, combined with Quantinuum’s hardware demonstrates the largest gap between physical and logical error rates reported to date. This…

  • Feb- 2024 -
    27 February
    Industry NewsMAS TCRS 2024 01 Advisory on Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Quantum

    Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Issues a Quantum Risk Advisory

    On February 20, 2024, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued Circular No. MAS/TCRS/2024/01, titled “Advisory on Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Quantum“. Targeted at CEOs of all financial institutions (FIs), the Advisory addresses the emerging cybersecurity challenges posed by quantum computing advancements. It warns of the potential for quantum computers to compromise widely used encryption and digital signature…

  • 10 February
    Industry NewsNord Quantique

    Breakthrough in Quantum Error Correction by Nord Quantique

    In a major advancement for quantum computing, researchers from Nord Quantique have developed an innovative error correction system that drastically reduces the number of qubits needed for functional quantum computers. Traditionally, it was believed that millions of qubits would be required to achieve fault-tolerant quantum computing. However, this new approach could make it possible with just hundreds of qubits. According…

  • Dec- 2023 -
    22 December
    Industry NewsQuantum Threat Timeline Report

    2023 Quantum Threat Timeline Report Published

    Dr. Michele Mosca, a prominent figure in the field of quantum computing and cryptography, and one of the most prominent voices advocating for active preparation of industries and governments for the quantum era regularly publishes a survey of global quantum computing experts on their Q-Day predictions. The latest report, “The 2023 Quantum Threat Timeline Report,” was just published. The report…

  • Nov- 2023 -
    6 November
    Industry NewsUK NCSC Post-Quantum

    UK National Cybersecurity Centre (NCS) Issues Guidance on Preparing for Post-Quantum Cryptography

    The UK National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) has released a whitepaper titled “Next Steps in Preparing for Post-Quantum Cryptography,” which provides comprehensive guidance to help organisations and providers of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) prepare for the migration to post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This publication is a follow-up to the NCSC’s 2020 report on the current state of quantum mitigation and aims to…

  • Oct- 2023 -
    28 October
    Industry NewsTU Darmstadt Atomic Qubits

    Over 1,000 Controllable Atomic Qubits Achieved

    In a research article just published on the arXiv preprint server the research team from TU Darmstadt in Germany reports on the world’s first successful experiment to realise a quantum-processing architecture that contains more than 1,000 atomic qubits in one single plane. The researchers used a novel method of “quantum bit supercharging” that enabled researchers to overcome the limitations imposed by the…

  • 12 October
    Industry NewsInside QuEra's Aquila

    Breakthrough in Quantum Computing Achieved with Neutral-Atom Technology

    Researchers from Harvard, MIT and QuEra have achieved a significant breakthrough in quantum computing by successfully implementing high-fidelity parallel entangling gates on a neutral-atom quantum computer. This advancement, detailed in a recent study published in Nature, allows for the operation of two-qubit controlled phase gates with a remarkable 99.5% fidelity on up to 60 atoms simultaneously. This surpasses the threshold…

  • Apr- 2023 -
    3 April
    Industry NewsQuantum Computer Threat to the US Financial System

    Report Alert “Prosperity at Risk: The Quantum Computer Threat to the US Financial System”

    A new, interesting, report was just published by the Hudson institute – “Prosperity at Risk: The Quantum Computer Threat to the US Financial System,” authored by Alexander W. Butler and Arthur Herman of the Quantum Alliance Initiative at the Hudson Institute. This comprehensive study explores potential threats posed by quantum computing to the U.S. financial system, emphasizing the urgent need…

  • Dec- 2022 -
    23 December
    Industry NewsUS Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act

    President Biden Signs Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act

    On December 21, 2022, President Joe Biden officially signed H.R.7535, known as the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act, into law. This legislation urges federal agencies to upgrade their technologies to defend against potential quantum computing threats. The act is a crucial step in the United States’ strategy to enhance its cybersecurity infrastructure in anticipation of advancements in quantum computing, which…

  • 15 December
    Industry NewsQuantum Threat Timeline Report

    2022 Quantum Threat Timeline Report Published

    The “2022 Quantum Threat Timeline Report” by the Global Risk Institute, authored by Dr. Michele Mosca and Dr. Marco Piani from evolutionQ Inc. was just published. This report provides analysis of the quantum threat landscape and tries to predict the arrival of the Q-Day by polling a number of global quantum computing experts. The report emphasizes the urgent need for…